We are James and Peter, both from the Middlesbrough area (Peter is from Middlesbrough, James is from Stockton. That’s important.), we like good music and we’re always recommending each other stuff, so we thought, as you do, that we might as well do it on a bigger platform. So here we are, talking endlessly about what we listen to and what we like. Hopefully you’ll listen to our recommendations, enjoy them and keep reading our site. Maybe you could recommend us some bands in return? It can be like a massive music swap shop. It’ll be lovely.

We do reviews of albums, EP’s, singles and whatever else we enjoy, might even branch out to interviews and live reviews. We should also have some awesome interesting and perhaps ‘fun’ features. Yeah. What about the music though? Well, Peter likes a lot of screamo (not that screamo, the proper stuff), hardcore and other angry music, but listens to lots of other things as well. James likes other stuff. Screamo and folk. Scottish accents, hardcore, indie and hip-hop. Post-rock and post-metal and post-hardcore. Throw all of the posts in there. A nice bit of grind, some drone and some electro. Yeah. Basically what Peter said.

Cheers for looking and hope you enjoy! Oh and tell your friends. If you have any. But come back.


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    • I know right. Oddly enough, I listened to a band the other day who could have been described as being just that. It was good. can’t for the life of me remember who they were though!

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