Crows-An-Wra – Kalopsia

crows an wra

Following on from 2013’s fantastic ST EP (Rewieved here: Crows-An-Wra – ST ) comes Kalopsia. This is the first LP from Cornwall’s spacey screamo collective Crows-An-Wra.

There is a definite progression from the EP on show here, less spacey and more direct, not to say that the spacey atmospherics have gone, because they are still well and truly there, but it’s a more straightforward beast, which is not a bad thing.

Take for example the first three tracks, the first is an instrumental opener that brings the EP and Kalopsia together with some space odyssey business , this bleeds into the opening of the second track, the proper first track of this album. It takes a minute or so to kick in but when it does Crows-An-Wra have firmly landed back on planet Earth. By ‘Vibrant Colours’ the third track, Kalopsia is well and truly underway, with jagged guitars, screams and sing along vocals.

It’s always a worry when a band release such a good EP that they’re going to struggle to fill an album with the same quality, there was no need to worry here. There’s so much variation on Kalopsia that it never gets dull and always holds your interest. You have screamy bits, riffs, progressive moments and then we have track six and seven which are the standouts to me. It’s one track split into two with the first ‘Heavy Heads’ being a Spanish guitar driven acoustic song with some lovely female vocals that grows, blends and seamlessly flows into ‘Blossom’. An altogether totally different animal, ferocious male screams backed with the soothing female vocals, dual vocals reminiscent of Circle Takes The Square. The contrast and dynamic here works fantastically and ‘Blossom’ is beautifully brutal.

The final track finishes the album in style, a bashing, crashing fast paced, energetic romp that ends with the line “What can we do?” being shouted over and over. Well you can start by listening to this album!

A lot has been said and made of the “spacey vibe” that Crows-An-Wra possess, I personally find it a refreshing change from the hundreds of bands doing exactly the same thing in this genre. It’s different yet familiar and Crows-An-Wra pull it off perfectly.

Kalopsia is a faster, more varied and mature LP that manages to surpass the excellent EP. Give this a listen if you like anything a little bit different and make sure that if you only listen to a couple of tracks from this album its ‘Heavy Heads’ followed by ‘Blossom’.


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