I Kill Giants – S/T


I Kill Giants – you may have noticed, we at Sparks and Nerves are very big fans, thus we were awfully excited when they announced their debut LP. Yet, I didn’t actually expect this. By that I mean, I didn’t expect it to be this good!

Don’t get me wrong, of course it was going to be good, but… let me explain. The first two tracks, the sub one-minute ‘Traveler’ and ‘Larry Jr.’, are a real statement of intent. ‘Larry Jr. Especially is brilliant, bursting out of the starting blocks and jerking seamlessly between sounds – emo, pop-punk and math-rock. The vocals are growled, the lyrics are simultaneously endearing and forceful, the musicianship is perfect, just enough to get your head nodding (and perhaps if I was at a club instead of home on a Friday evening, it would certainly be enough to get me dancing!) whilst challenging enough to hold your attention.

The instrumental ‘Pigskins’ displays yet another string to IKG’s bow – it falls neatly into the realms of atmospheric math-rock and serves as a neat interval, the halfway point of the album – a break from the fast tempo, if you will. ‘Windmills’ follows a similar path – slower, more progressive, more atmospheric, complimented by the low-in-the-mix vocals. The album highlight for me though, is ‘Collector’, its probably the most straightforward track on the LP, but if flows perfectly, and is just bursting full of energy.

What I like most about I Kill Giants is the way they mange to keep everything fresh and interesting, those three genres I previously mentioned – emo, pop-punk and math-rock – are starting to become slightly over-saturated, but I Kill Giants stand out. They stand out because they’re infectious, instantly likable, but above all, passionate. I’ve mentioned this in a previous review, but it can’t be overstated, it is impossible not to feel everything I Kill Giants put into their music. Some bands feel lethargic, even if they’re not, there isn’t a chance of that ever happening to IKG.

I Kill Giants have stepped it up a gear. To use an Americanism, they knocked this out of the park! (Actually, I’m not going to use Americanisms anymore, I don’t have a clue what i’m doing.) I’ve used these words a few times on this blog, but I’ve never meant it more than I do right now: I Kill Giants deserve to be huge. Topshelf Records would be the perfect home for IKG, somewhere they can grow further, and continue to release music with this level of enthusiasm, passion and excitement.

The LP is available for download right now on Bandcamp: http://ikillgiants.bandcamp.com/releases

Vinyl pre-orders should go up very soon via Broken World Media: http://brokenworldmedia.bigcartel.com/

P.S. Like us on Facebook! There’s a little button over there >> Or just point your mouse here: https://www.facebook.com/SparksAndNerves. Ta!



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