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crows an wra

Crows-An-Wra are a new band with a new sound. Members of this band have an impressive back catalogue of bands  having been in S&N favourites Kasa, Crocus and Ravachol. Crows-An-Wra are in many ways an underground screamo supergroup.

So with an impressive array of records and bands behind them, this can only be good right? Correct.

It’s not exactly what you might be expecting though. This certainly isn’t straight up screamo and only briefly touches on the fringes of hardcore, this is a spacey screamo odyssey. Yes there is screaming and shouting in the traditional screamo vein, but it sounds altogether more punky, and this combined with some lovely little mathy riffs and spacey guitar pedal echoes combines to create something truly unique and quite wonderful.

It’s a surprisingly catchy EP that doesn’t pack an instant punch, preferring instead to grow and build, songs are three and four minutes long and ebb and flow in and out of anger and space. Every now and then there’s a hint of aggression and anger amongst the dreamy space filled guitars, this is soon washed away by the guitar tone. Most of the anger comes from the vocals, which shouldn’t really fit with the music, but it does and after a while it all starts to make sense. Impassioned vocals on the top of dreamy, technical music, sounds like it shouldn’t work, but it does here, and it works very well.

In all there are five tracks totalling sixteen and a half minutes. “Medicated Ludicity” is the pick of the bunch for me. This song changes pace half way through, in fact it almost comes to a stop and your mind is tricked into thinking that a new song is starting, but it isn’t, it grows into a pacey gang vocal filled end.

It’s like all of the previous bands have had an influence in some way on the sound of Crows-An-Wra. There’s the Kasa like vocals, the Ravachol like rhythm and the Crocus like intensity. They’ve taken parts from each band, added some bits and bobs and what you have is an original and fresh band that more than total the sum of their parts.

The artwork is worth a mention as well. It’s a figure encompassed by what I assume are feathers with only the hands visible. But it could be some sort of material or multi coloured pieces of bacon, probably not the final option there. Anyway, it has a mysterious Egyptian or Arabian look to it, I like it and it fits the music really well.

There are lots of bands trying to do something different in today’s music place, but Crows-An-Wra stand above them all, give them a listen and you might just be hooked.


The EP is going to be released on an ultra clear 10” limited to 300 and is being released by several fine labels across the world.

Buy and listen:

Alternatively check out the labels involved:

UK – Barely Regal Records / Boslevan Records
Europe – Flood Records / Listen To Aylin Records / Alcove Records
USA – Middleman Records

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