Ruined Families – Blank Language

Photo by Nick Paleologos

Photo by Nick Paleologos

Ruined Families are first and foremost a hardcore punk band. In these unsettling and turbulent times Ruined Families provide a statement equally as turbulent.

Hailing from Greece Ruined Families have firsthand recent experience of the impact social unrest can have, they take this experience and use it to make angry, vitriolic and strangely uplifting music, this album is the end product.

It’s hard to pin down or categorise “Blank Language”. After my first listen I was left a bit overwhelmed as there’s so much going on, it’s different from previous Ruined Families material, they have progressed from “Four Wall Freedom” and the self titled 7”, matured if you will, or more to the point, the environment around them has changed, so their music has adapted in the same way. I wasn’t overwhelmed for long though, after a while you start to hear the melodic and catchy side of this album which hides just underneath the abrasive guitars and vocals, hidden rhythms and off kilter hooks fill this record. This album needs and deserves a few listens before it starts to make full sense, in this way it’s not the easiest listen, give it a few spins though and you will start to love the little nuances.

It’s a melting pot of different genres from screamo to post punk with twiddly guitar parts and downright aggressive sections. There’s parts of “Easy Livin’”, “Human Fence” and “Definition in Paradox” that remind me of Black Flag, not for long though as Ruined Familes soon storm off on another vicious Pg.99alike screamo tangent.

Songs start to merge together, the pace intensifies, slows down, intensifies again before ending with the slower but still angry “Pedestal”. Throughout this album the hidden, underlying melody and rhythms keep on going, and these are what will bring you back again and again, it’s like playing a nursery rhyme in a psychopaths head.

The production and recording sounds muddy and sort of lo-fi (not massively), this isn’t a bad thing as it adds to the overall feel of the album, and helps to create an angry, thoughtful atmosphere that works brilliantly.

Ruined Families might not be known by many, and might never be, but I for one am happy to have given my time to these 9 sharp bursts of punk/hardcore/screamo.

Overall this is a wonderful turbulence. A chaotic record that doesn’t quite know what it wants to be, genres are defied, rules are ignored, punk is alive.

“Blank Language” is out now on Adagio 830.


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Ruined families blank language


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