Moose Blood – Boston // Orlando

Moose Blood boston

So, not long after finishing my review of “Moving Home” and this drops in my inbox. Two new songs from emo newcomers Moose Blood.

I was excited to give them a listen and when I did it was easy to see how the band had progressed in such a short period of time. This double a-side see’s the band taking an even more emo route than that seen on the six tracks on “Moving Home”. It sounds more vocal to me, more emphasis on the lyrics and a little less on the music. It’s a progression that could see the band turning from 2013’s one to watch into the real deal.

Being a double A-side usually means that both songs are equally strong, but for me the first track “Boston” is the better of the two. It has catchy emo hooks, and some of the most memorable lyrics you will hear this year. This being my particular favourite, “Bored and with nothing to do, lay around and listen to Deja Entendu, thinking about you”, the name dropping of classic emo albums continues, but it is the way this lyric  is delivered and the fact it rhymes that make it so memorable, you WILL be singing along to this after you finish listening.

This is not to say that the second track, “Orlando” is weak, because it isn’t. The first ten seconds of this song sound very familiar to the opening of The Pixies classic “Where’s My Mind”, or my ears are completely buggered. From there on in it bears no resemblance to The Pixies and it twists and turns down emo avenues new and old.

The content of this double is relationships and sex, so they’re about girls. Two emo songs about girls, it’s a bit of a cliché, but clichés are sometimes good and in Moose Blood’s case, clichés are fucking fantastic.

If Moose Blood keep up the habit of releasing songs this good, then an upward trajectory is the only thing possible.

This is being released on Record Store Day (April 21st) via Fist In The Air Records physically. This will be online only so don’t check your local record store. It will be limited to just 50 copies and is going to be released on a clear one-sided lathe cut square 8″ record. The digital side of things is being handled by Venn Records (Gallows own record label no less).

Keep your eye on FITA’s webstore and order something whilst waiting here:

Check Venn Records for digital details.


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