Disembarked – Interview


We caught up with Sweden’s latest exports Disembarked for a quick chat about their new EP, Sweden and much more.

S&N: First off, can you please tell us who you are and what you do?

Disembarked: My name is Pontus Carlsson and I sing in Disembarked.

S&N: How did the band get together?

Disembarked: I’s a long story, Gustav, Olle and I have been playing music together since 4 years back, but Disembarked was officially formed August/September in 2011, wrote one song “Reverie” and I asked Pontus Goldberg who was a drummer from the beginning to start playing bass with us, which he luckily wanted too. Johan joined the band after that I’ve been asking him to check us out THREE times, he joined us just after the self titled EP had been recorded.

S&N: What’s it like trying to get coverage outside of Sweden?

Disembarked: We haven’t really tried that hard to get coverage outside Sweden. We’ve had our music out for free, and I guess that helps a lot seeing that many music blogs posted our EP on their sites.

S&N: Is there a big hardcore/music community in Sweden?

Disembarked: The hardcore scene is getting bigger here in Sweden, we have a lot of hardcore promoters here in Sweden, in almost every city that put up shows quite often. Västerås Straight Edge, Feedback booking, 026 Hardcore, Stockholm Straight Edge, Revival Booking, Umeå Hardcore, Norrköping Straight Edge, Hemgården, there’s a couple of promoters putting up Drug free shows around in Sweden. Hardcore doesn’t belong in the pubs.

S&N: Have other bands influenced your music?

Disembarked: We do take influences from other bands indirectly I guess, it’s more of a mix of plenty different genres that we all listen to. We don’t want to be copycats. Most of our influences don’t even come from the hardcore scene.

S&N: I really like the EP, do you write the music and lyrics at the same time?

Disembarked: Good to hear you liked it! Our writing is more like, I write lyrics on my own and we write the music all together. Often I got lyrics already, and then I put it on the music we write and try to fit it together.

S&N: This is something I’ve always wondered, what’s it like writing/singing lyrics in a language that’s not your native tongue?

Disembarked: Sometimes it can be complicated with the English vocabulary, but I think it’s more of a habit, you get used to it I guess. Sometimes I write in Swedish and then try to translate it to sound good in English. English is like our second language here in Sweden, I’ve never thought of it as a problem.

S&N: How did the record come around to be released on Dog Knights Productions?

Disembarked: I found out about DKP through one of my favorite bands, Foxes. Checked out other bands and thought it would be cool to be a part of his roster, since we’ve only heard good stuff about him. It wasn’t until a friend of ours, Sean, who told Darren of DKP to check us out and that we’re looking for a label that things started to happen.

S&N: What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Disembarked: The plans right now is to continue writing songs until we have enough for a full length. We also have 2 tours upcoming, one unannounced in Sweden, and then a europetour with Reason To Care.

S&N: And finally, what band should we listen to that we might not have heard of?

Disembarked: One band? Then I’d say Lydia, they’ve been a huge inspiration.

Disembarked’s EP “I Do Nothing but Regret the Fact That I Left” is available to buy now from Dog Knights Productions here: http://www.dogknightsproductions.com/DK/Store.html

Listen to the EP here http://disembarked.bandcamp.com/


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