Nai Harvest – Whatever

Nai Harvest by Ed Crisp

This, Nai Harvest’s debut full length has the simplest reason for being in existence than probably any other album before or after. “All the songs on Whatever are about me having a week alone in my room. I spent my time not showering, eating and just watching Twin Peaks and writing songs, ‘cus all my mates were away that week.” Says vocalist/guitarist Ben Thompson. It’s that simple, he had a bit of spare time, noting to do, so wrote an album, as you do.

The album doesn’t feel like it was written in a week, though it does have a laid back, relaxed approach, much like the band themselves. This doesn’t detract from the album though and adds a loveable charm to the whole thing.

A couple of songs on Whatever have appeared on previous releases like “Distance, Etc”, which appeared on the split with Papayer and “Red Letter Day, On Play” which has taken various forms in the past.

What Nai Harvest do best is create simple, honest emo songs that hark back to the genre’s hay day back in the 90’s. There’s only guitar and drums, but that’s all they need to create these old school emo nuggets. Nai Harvest were a three piece to start off with but lost a member and decided to carry on as a two piece and I think this loss of a member has helped them nail down this simple, honest style.

More important than anything though is that Nai Harvest have delivered a fun and heartfelt record, and that’s the aim of the band as Ben explains “The objective of the band is to have fun and just do what we like doing,” Mission accomplished then

Nai Harvest seem to do what they want when they want, completely on their terms. This means the music is passionate, heartfelt, honest and above all fun to listen to.

I was sceptical if this could keep me hooked for a whole LP’s worth as I absolutely loved the EP and splits, but Nai Harvest win me over again with ten songs about slacking, watching telly and friends.

Emo is not dead, it’s most certainly alive in 2013 and Nai Harvest are one of the best exponents of the genre.

If you’re a fan of simple, catchy 2 piece emo songs that embed themselves in your subconscious then listen away!


Whatever is available via Dog Knights Productions and Pinky Swear Records on 2 awesome colours right now!

Buy Dog Knights:

Buy Pinky Swear:



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