Nai Harvest – Interview

nai harvest1

Prior to the release of debut album “Whatever” we caught up with Nai Harvest for a quick chat.

S&N: First off, can you please tell us who you are and what you do?

NH: Hey, Ben plays the guitar and sings and Lew plays the drums and shouts

S&N: What has the transition from 3 to 2 members been like?

NH: BETTER, more food and beer for us

S&N: Why the name Nai Harvest?

NH: It’s a reference to a Saetia song

S&N: Have influences and new music changed your sound from earlier releases?

NH: More like old music has changed it, we’ve listened to a lot of older emo bands for the album

S&N: What was the writing process for the album?

NH: I sat in my room watching TV and drinking coffee with my guitar I guess. Lew did jack shit. Messin’ he did all those drums

S&N: Was it tricky going from EP’s to writing a full length?

NH: Not really, we just wrote more songs!

S&N: Did you do anything differently when writing the album?

NH: Drank twice and much tea and coffee this time, seemed to work

S&N: There seems to be an “emo” revival of late, what’s going on?


S&N: What are you currently  listening to?

Ben – Boilermaker

Lew – The Shitty Limits

Short and to the point. “Whatever” is now available to buy from Dog Knights Productions and Pinky Swear Records.

Dog Knights:

Pinky Swear:



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