Moose Blood – Moving Home

moose blood

Moose Blood are the new kids on the block, this their first release is already very, very close to selling out via Fist In The Air Records (only available with a t-shirt). So why the hype? Why has it nearly sold out already? What’s going on!

Well, I can tell you, Moose Blood aren’t one of those hyped NME bands that people lose their shit over for no reason, Moose Blood are simply very good, and that’s the best reason for something to sell fast.

All this attention is generated by the infectious style of music that Moose Blood play, sitting comfortably in between pop punk and emo they sound nostalgic and summery and fun and generally just wonderful.  It’s a very memorable and catchy listen, six swooning songs in fifteen minutes.

There’s dual vocals in there which add depth and a feeling of being in a group, and I think that’s what this record does best. It makes you want to be with friends, listening to music and having a good time. Lyrics point to this as well, about staying up and talking about records all night and American Football and Dashboard Confessional. To be honest any band that mentions American Football instantly wins me over.

I honestly can’t pick a favourite song from the six here, they work so well together and are all written really well, although closer “Bukowski” stands out a little bit and is definitely the “single”.

Moose Blood will leave you wanting more, singing along to one of the many catchy hooks and generally leave you feeling accomplished. This is fifteen minutes of pure joy and unadulterated fun, this is a must listen for anybody that has a passing interest in anything emo, these could really be the next big thing and Moving Home is easily my favourite release so far this year.

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