I Kill Giants – We Can Live In The Exact Same Place

i kill giants 2

Eight tracks, six minutes, that is all you’re getting, and it’s all you need. It seems obvious to propose that I wish this EP was longer, but actually I don’t. It’s perfect as it is. Besides, you could always just play it again. And again.

Regardless of what the track lengths would suggest, I Kill Giants don’t play hardcore or screamo. Instead we are treated to some incredibly euphoric eruptions of mathy-pop-punk. Describing how the music sounds (twinkly, shouty, gang yelling) is mostly irrelevant though, because what keeps bringing me back to this EP is the euphoria and the emotion, but most of all, it is bloody good fun to listen to! ‘We Can Live…’ is infectious in the truest sense of the word, I’m actually writing this in silence as the EP finished long before I finished this piece, but I’m still tapping my feet, I’m nodding my head, and I’m smiling. I Kill Giants created and released a series of videos to go with this EP – one for every track, and these videos convey the sense of youthful enthusiasm and urgency flawlessly.

I genuinely cannot stop listening to this, and especially the first track ‘Life Instead of Sleep’. It isn’t even as long as the 0:44 run-time suggests – it doesn’t actually kick in until around the 20 second mark, but when it does it literally (not literally) explodes into life. ‘Bed, Bath & Beyond’ is another highlight; unremitting vocals tinged with a touch more anger then the rest of the EP.

I’ve listened to I Kill Giants other releases previously – I reviewed Sinatra a while back and they have a Split with I Kill Giants – and they portray a genuine adeptness for constructing brilliant and engaging math-rock pieces. They have also released an excellent split with Cerce in which they cover each other’s tracks. The Cerce tracks are brilliant in their own right, but I Kill Giants demonstrate another string to their already sizeable bows – showing ample adroitness when it comes to switching styles and genres.

‘We Can Live in the Exact Same Place’ is being released on 7” for the first time by Broken World Media and Fairweather Records. You can order it from here and here.

I Kill Giants: Bandcamp | YouTube | Tumblr


i kill giants


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