Bastions – Bedfellows: The Bastard Son


Bastion – anything seen as preserving or protecting some quality, condition, etc.: a bastion of solitude; a bastion of democracy.

Bastions have been around for a few years now and after a few self released EP’s a 7” and their debut LP “Hospital Corners” comes this ambitious split double 12” album. I’ve liked Bastions for a while now, they play a more standard hardcore than I usually like, but there’s something about them that always brings me back.

Now back to that dictionary definition, Bastions are quite fittingly a bastion. A bastion of honesty, they are hardworking, honest and raw, in a world saturated with sub standard hardcore bands, Bastions stand on a parapet above them all.

This is the first in a two 12” series that Bastions are putting together, the idea is that when you buy them both you’ll have the full album on two 12”’s. I like this idea, it’s something a little bit different and leaves you really wanting the second record.

The four songs on this first 12” see Bastions in a darker, bleaker and slower mood. The brooding opening track “Pallor” is a fine example of this, starting with a single note ringing out for 50 seconds or so before hitting us with angry shouted vocals and pummelling guitars.

At only 11 minutes long this is a short EP, but remember it is only the first half of the whole. The second track “Less Love” is Bastions back to sounding more like they did on the album, punishing and melodic.

“Life Less Lived” is the third track on Bedfellows and it’s a keeper. The drums and guitar stand proud here and back drop the vicious angry vocals perfectly.

The last track is “Amongst Crows” and is probably the best track. It’s slower than usual Bastions, more thoughtful, introverted and somehow angrier.

One little thing to note here is that Hospital Corners is obviously a reference to hospital beds and here we have Bedfellows, so I wonder if there’s some sort of link? (or maybe I’m just over thinking things).

This is a fine little release and see’s Bastions become a darker force, everything from the music to the artwork. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing the second part in the Bedfellows saga, bring it on.

Bedfellows: The Bastard Son is available now from Holy Roar Records on “green glass” coloured 12” (Shellac Black is now sold out).

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