Orchid Tribute – Part One

skeleton robot2(Chaos re-worked insert)

We are back! This is part one of  three in our Orchid Tribute series, this will be going up day by day over the next three days starting today! Tomorrow we will have an exclusive track by track review. We hope you enjoy these articles as this project has been a long time in the making. Thanks for visiting!

Screamo leviathans and pioneers Orchid have always been one of my favourites. Mixing hardcore with screamed, political and visceral lyrics to create this wonderful off shoot of hardcore punk, if you have even a passing interest in heavier music, you will have heard of Orchid.  Add to this a ferocious nonstop pace and you have a combination that is still garnering interest today.

Orchid formed in 1998 in Amherst, Massachusetts whilst at college and were a four piece consisting of Jayson Green (Vocals), Will Killingsworth (Guitar), Jeffrey Salane (Drums) and Geoff Garlock (Bass, 1999-2002). They were heavy, loud, passionate, raw, real and honest, there hasn’t been anything as good since in my opinion, and many, many bands have tried.

They lived by the live fast, die young mantra, they were a band for four years yet released three split 7”s, a split 6”, a split 10” a st 7”, two full length 12”’s a full length 10” and they appeared on two compilations. The artwork, inserts and packaging on most of the releases are fantastic and innovative, using skull shaped 10”’s, skull shaped packaging and various fold out inserts to name a few. This live fast approach is also present in their songs, you can count on one hand the amount of songs that see the other side of two minutes, but this is definitely a good thing as Orchid excelled at making extremely angry and fast short songs (although “…and the cat turned to smoke” is an amazing longer song).

The band have a an almost magical aura nowadays, a mythical beast that created something beautiful in years gone past, and have they been forgotten like countless others? No, Orchid live on in the memories of many, remembered, loved and celebrated, which brings us nicely to the present day.

The ever reliable Dog Knights Productions are releasing an Orchid tribute LP featuring some of the best bands from the modern crop of hardcore and screamo, each band covering a single Orchid track. This has taken a long time to bring together but is starting to take shape, and in all honesty, everything about it is looking amazing, take a look at this for example:

ORCHIDSTOCK(Vinyl, CD and vinyl centre labels)

You can tell that lots of time, effort and thought has gone into this release. The artwork on the Tribute LP is a  re-working of “Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow!” including font, the positioning of the track names and the details on the spine. The CD version is again an almost identical re-working of the Self titled (Gatefold) LP artwork, massive credit has to go to Rodrigo Almanegra for getting the artwork spot on. As well as this every package deal comes with a gatefold pre-order print/cover and the first 25 or so regular orders also get a print, the print is going to be on fantastic looking and feeling recycled textured card.

ORCHIDSTOCK PO(pre order print top left)

It goes even further than that too down to the really little details that many might miss, the centre labels on the records themselves are identical to the ones on “Chaos Is Me” with one skeleton arm on side A and two sekelton arms on side B , the inserts again are a take on the same record, with added extras like the fold out coffin design having the Robot from the CWV 6” on. In some ways this insert is better than the orginal as when you unfold the closed coffins seen at the top of this article the skelton and robot are perfectly positioned  inside an open coffin.

skeleton robot

(Chaos re-worked insert with CVW split 6″ robot)

It’s fair to say that to get every last detail on this release you will need to be a massive Orchid fan, this attention to detail is a fantastic tribute to the band, it’s not a rushed release that has been thrown together for a cash grab, its being released for the love of the band, lots of praise needs to go to Darren (owner/runner of Dog Knights) for this. The way elements from different releases have been put together to form the whole release is fantastic, every major release has been included, but its been done in such a way as to be respectful to the originals, its not tasteless and has been done in an imaginative and well drawn way. Everything down to the colour of the vinyl has been thought about intensely as it matches the artwork wonderfully.

The full track list is as follows:

1. Coma Regalia – Aesthetic Dialectic
2. Full of Hell – Framecode
3. For Want Of – Death of a Modernist
4. Voyage In Coma – Epilogue of a Car Crash
5. You’ll Live – Destination: Blood!
6. Carrion Spring – Lights Out
7. I Don’t Want to Know Why the Caged Bird Sings – Anna Karina
8. Pianos Bastards– I Am Nietzsche
9. Cassus– Victory is Ours
10. Lizards Have Personalities – Don’t Rat out Your Friends
11. Foxes – … And the Cat Turned to Smoke
12. Deer In the Headlights – 36 Day Syndrome (s/t 7”)
13. Republic of Dreams – Eye Gouger (CWV 6”)
14. Questionable Youth – New Ideas in Mathematics (Jeromes Dream 10”)
15. Lord Snow – Amherst Pandemonium Part I
16. Adobe Homes – Amherst pandemonium Part II
17. Itto – Loft Party
18. ¡Silencio, Ahora, Silencio! – A Visit from Dr Goodsex
19. History of the Hawk – Class Pictures
20. Utarid – Anais Nin by Numbers
21. Todos Caerán – Tigers
22. Mahria – Let’s Commodify Sexuality
23. Innards – Discourse Of Desire
24. Sed Non Satiata – None More Black / Impersonating Martin Rev

Pre orders will be up very soon at Dog Knights Productions , pressing info as follows:

Test Pressings with Alternate Artwork /11

Personalised Test Pressings /100 (one copy given to every band member)

Transparent Blue /100

Transparent Red /200 (100 from the DK store)

Transparent yellow /200 (100 from the DK store)

CD In Card-wallet Packaging /500

Massive thanks to Darren for all the information and help with this, keep it going man.

Come back tomorrow for a track by track review!

Thanks for reading, if you liked, follow us on twitter!



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