We Came Out Like Tigers – Agelessness and Lack

It would be fair to say that in some circles this album has been highly anticipated. After a few EP’s and a wonderful split EP with Ravachol, what the hell could We Came Out Like Tigers do next? Will it be as good as we’re all expecting? Will it have spoken word segments? Will the violin still be used? I approached this album with massive amounts of excitement and a tiny bit of trepidation.

WCOLT are one of those bands that I instantly had a connection with, the style of the music, the lyrics, the spoken word, it struck a chord with me, connected on a personal level and overall just blew me away.

This, their debut full length is massive in scale and ambition. It strays a little away from what WCOLT have done in the past, heading more in the direction of black metal and hardcore but stays true to WCOLT’s screamo roots. The violin’s soaring strings, which create such a unique sound for WCOLT are indeed back, along with a whirlwind of drums and tremolo guitars.

The vocals, oh my the vocals! If you can find a band out there with lyrics delivered with more conviction and emotional sincerity than this then please tell me. They believe every single screamed word, it’s passionate, very very passionate, so passionate that you start to believe in it yourself.

It’s also apparent that WCOLT are an intelligent band, they have their own views and know how to put them across in a very concise manner, they have their moral base and they’re sticking to it, one read of their blog shows this  (http://www.wecameoutliketigers.co.uk/index.php). It all adds to the atmosphere and feeling around this band, it’s a whole package, ethics, music, politics, all of it.

These views are put across in their lyrics, everything from depression brought on by the seasons, cancer, anti fascism, fighting governments that enslave you, prisons and the idea of society as a prison and most importantly the idea of never losing control of the direction you want your life to take, which we all have done at some point. These views and the way they are delivered are like a call to arms, a modern day manifesto to get up and do something with your life, to stop working in some shitty job and do what you want to, not what you need or are told to. Its clichéd, but this is revolution music.

This is by far WCOLT’s heaviest fastest and most brutal output to date, but conversely also provides the bands most gentle, heartfelt and delicate moments so far. It’s an album of deep emotion, it’s a massive cathartic ride which rather nicely ends with a folky sing along.

I don’t want to go on and on about this album, because I can and would, I just hope you give them a listen and find the connection that I did. It’s impossible to pick a stand out track, it works so well as a group of songs.

This album is everything I hoped it would be, WCOLT doing exactly what I hoped they would, a full album of emotionally driven, violin led screamo/hardcore, well played.


The album is available to pre-order now via Dog Knights Productions with various options including a wooden box edition (which sold out in about 10 minutes), a screen printed mailer edition and also on three different vinyl colours with some amazing looking inserts, this is a release that needs your attention!

Listen: http://dogknightsproductions.bandcamp.com/album/dk029-we-came-out-like-tigers-agelessness-and-lack-12-lp

Buy: http://dogknightsproductions.bigcartel.com/product/dk029-we-came-out-like-tigers-agelessness-and-lack-12-lp-three-colourways


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