Gnarwolves – Cru

Gnarwolves have done it again! After the release of Fun Club, I was excited as to where this band was going, because if they got better, then we all may have to hold onto our socks as these lads are going to blow up. And guess what? They’ve only gone and bloody done it!

‘Cru’ is six songs of infectious, gruff punk/hardcore, sticking to a similar formula as ‘Fun Club’ (see our Fun Club review here: ), it’s just a happy record, it’s fun and never fails to put a smile on your face, Gnarwolves are incredible and this has further solidified that view in my mind, it seems they can’t put a foot wrong, and looking at the fact that Tangled Talk have already sold out of their allocation, lots of other people think so too!

For those of you unfamiliar with Gnarwolves they are a 3 piece from the Cornwall/Brighton area and play a gruff pop punk bordering on hardcore sound, they have one previous release, ‘Fun Club’ which came out on Brain Ache records and is now completely sold out (but may be reappearing in the near future on another label, keep your eyes peeled!).

This EP kicks off in riotous fashion with the stunning ‘History Is Bunk’, which when released as a Youtube video prior to the EP release was listened to about 100 times by me alone, it’s addictive, it’s fun, its uplifting and it’s just really bloody good!

This is followed by five more tracks, all of them not letting the standard slip in the slightest with ‘Community, Stability, Identity’ starting with a slower pace, which is a welcome change of pace and eventually kicks off with a minute left, it doesn’t hit the heights of other songs on the record but shows a touch of variation and a bit of forward thinking.

Songs to check out from this record are definitely ‘History is Bunk’ and ‘Coffee’ but it works much better as a complete package.

This is a very, very good release, and again shows what Gnarwolves are capable of, a full length is hopefully in the works, and this should show how the band can mature and improve even more, we can only wait and hope.

The only problem with this record is that its only twelve minutes long! Six songs race by in a flash, before you know it the record has finished and you’re forced to put it on again!

Everything on this record is amazing, from the garish cover art, the snot speckled green vinyl, the sing along lyrics and the absolute pleasure it is to listen to.

I can’t recommend this highly enough, it’s so good and catchy and these boys are going to be massive, very soon.


Give them a listen and buy the record! (if you can find it, I believe Day by Day records have the black 7” still in stock )

The record is a 7” and is a joint release between Tangled Talk and Day by Day Records, available on Snot Green splatter, orange and black.




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2 responses to “Gnarwolves – Cru

  1. Hi dude, I really like your blog. I’ve only just come across it through Enjoyment Records. I’m pretty keen to explore it more when I have some time. Are you local? I’m from Harrogate. Keep up the good work.

    • Cheers man, really appreciate it!
      I’m from Middlesbrough and James is from Stockton so fairly local yeah.
      We’ll have loads more features and reviews coming up, thanks for your interest!

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