Electric Church – Spirit


This is another guest review courtesy of Ian Keane. You should definitely check out his blog, In The Stream of Commerce.

Electric Church is a one-man Guitar Orchestra from the North East of England. ‘Spirit’ is the second, self-released Electric Church E.P. following 2011’s excellent ‘Loomer’.

Whilst ‘Loomer’ certainly leaned towards the Post-Rock end of the Electric Church spectrum, with its clear, crisp,  delay drenched Guitars, ‘Spirit’ anchors itself very much in Ambient Noise territory. Loops upon loops build into layers of Distortion, Delay and Feedback which peak and fall away until we are left with one mournful, bowed, note. It’s a devastating effect and one that shows Electric Church at their (or his) best.

The way simple Post Rock-ish Guitar lines are buried under banks of distorted Feedback in second track ‘Seasons In The Sun’ calls to mind ‘The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place’ and ‘Earth 2’ playing at the same time, inside a Radiator.

The only real weakness here lies in a self imposed decision. All 4 tracks here were improvised and recorded in one afternoon, which in itself is impressive but it does mean that the 4 tracks here occasionally fail to grip you as they could, and should. You feel that with a little more time to focus and hone these compositions, this could have been something truly outstanding. This is a minor gripe though and there is no doubt that ‘Spirit’ is an impessive 23 minutes.

It might not blow your mind but it will open and occupy it long enough to mark Electric Church down as one to watch.


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