Interview – Mothbites

We told you there would be some new features! This is sparksandnerves very first interview, and its with the excellent Mothbites, also known in the real world as Miles Coles. Based in Southampton his debut EP was released via WTS? and Tangled Talk records to much critical acclaim, and rightly so, it’s a beautifully contradictory piece of work, with moments of real serenity and beauty spliced with tinges of despair. This is what Miles had to say about his EP and also his plans for the future of Mothbites.

S&N: How have things been since the EP release?

MC: Things have been good thanks! I wrote the songs on the EP well over a year ago now so I’ve just been playing a few shows and working on new material really.

S&N: Your EP has a beautifully conflicting sound – at times it feels desperate and dark, yet has some very beautiful and tender moments. Was this intentional, or just the way it happened? How do you write your music?

MC: Wow, thank you. I’m not sure if It was intentional or not. I just write how I feel and I guess I can’t really control that so I suppose it just happened that way? I don’t know. I usually write best when I’m not planning to sit down and write something. Like, I have lots of lyrics saved on my phone and voice memos of myself humming into the microphone whilst out and about.

S&N: Most of the reviews have been very positive. I’ve seen comparisons to Bon Iver, City and Colour, Band of Horses and even Neil Young. How does that feel? Do you take notice of critic reviews?

MC: People have been really cool about the EP (a lot nicer than I had expected) so it’s been great. I take notice of some of them. Most of the negative reviews are from hardcore/scream/metal blogs anyway so I don’t really expect them to have enjoyed the record.

S&N: Speaking of those comparisons, which artists have influenced your music?

MC: I’m influenced by all kinds of music. I think that most genres have at least one good quality about them so it’s important to draw from as many as you can. I can’t pick any artists in particular because there are just too many.

S&N: You’re known for touring with screamo bands, how did this come about? How awesome was it to have Thom Denson of Kerouac appearing on ‘Howling Forever’?

MC: A lot of my friends are in hardcore/screamo bands so it started out with them getting me on shows to help me out. I guess after that I got to know some of the promoters in that ‘scene’ and the carried on booking me. I love it though. It’s way more interesting playing with other bands that sound nothing like me. I’ve known Thom since school so it was awesome to work with him on Howling Forever. He’s super talented and a great dude too. Kerouac’s break up really does SUCK.

S&N: What do you make of the recent renaissance of folk music? What do you put this down to?

MC: To be honest with you, I don’t listen to a lot of folk music so I can’t really say I’ve noticed. I think it’s good though. The less people listen to pop, the better.

S&N: So what next for Mothbites? Are you interested in writing as a full band? Plans for a full album?

MC: A full band is on the definitely on the cards. I’ve got a few really great musicians who are interested so hopefully we can pull something together. I’m currently writing for a new record which will probably be around 5/6 tracks. Taking a different direction with this one.

You can buy the Mothbites E.P from here.

You can listen to it here.

Tangled Talk Records / WTS? Records / Mothbites


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