Single Mothers – ST

We are back! This is an actual review, sorry about that little hiatus, life got in the way for a while, from now on, expect services to be resumed as normal, we might even have some awesome new features for you very soon, keep checking back for that!

There has been lots and lots of amazing releases in the last few months, but Single Mothers self titled EP grabbed my attention more than most.

Single Mothers are a 5 piece, from London (Ontario, Canada, not England) and play a frenetic strand of hardcore indie punk, it sounds dirty, scuzzy, fuzzy and very raw. These 4 songs sound like they’ve tried to encapsulate the bands live sound on record, and this works a shitload. If you’re in a band and you have an amazing live show, then surely you want your recorded music to at least show a little bit of this passion and energy and not a dull recording that’s been done thousands of times before?  Single Mothers have pulled this off fantastically and you feel like you could almost be there.

The vocals are screeched and not screamed, most of the time delivered as a sort of talk, so the lyrics are easily decipherable, which is one of the reasons this EP is so great, it’s easy to sing along to!

You’ll most certainly have one of these 4 songs stuck in your head, or at least a line of one of the songs, a perfect example being “I thought I was living, but I’m dying in Ontario” or “Just bones of boats and rats killing everything the oil didn’t” or my personal favourite “They’re into drama and Ginsburg and lemon lime Bacardi”. On first glance, there’s nothing that amazing about these lyrics, and there isn’t on second viewing either, that’s because they aren’t that special, it’s the way they are delivered! They are delivered in such an energetic and exciting way that it makes you remember the words, and remember them for some time, some time until you just have to listen again, like drugs, only better for you. It really is that “catchy”.

It’s hard to pick a favourite from these 4 songs, but if I was pushed I’d have to go for “Hell Is My Backup Plan”, it’s a great song with some awesome little touches. Just like the whole EP, it might be a bit much at first, but after a few listens this will be firmly lodged in your subconscious.

As mentioned earlier, the whole record sounds fuzzy, almost dirty, and very raw, but in my opinion, that’s how music should be, some people may not like it because of it, but give this little EP a listen and I’m sure you’ll agree that it only adds to the overall package.

Give this a listen and prepare to have a new favourite band, Single Mothers are everywhere, and they’ve done just fine.

EP of the year? Quite possibly.

This record is out now (on 7”) and is the first release on Jeremy Bolm’s (of Touche Amore no less) new record label Secret Voice and is available through Deathwish.




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