Sinatra – Lost in Hyrule

In the stats section of this here blog, it kindly tells us how people have found our site, and more specifically what they searched for in order to get here. It seems that in the last few weeks a lot of people have found SparksandNerves by way of searching for ‘twinkly emo’. Well kids, here’s some more for you.

Well, kinda. Sinatra play a brand of twinkly emo which owes as much to the math-rock stylings of Don Caballero as it does to many post-hardcore and screamo bands. ‘Lost In Hyrule’, released in 2011, is an E.P which, in all essence, is absolutely perfectly executed. The mix of guttural and raspy screaming, the awfully agile guitar work reminiscent of This Town Needs Guns at their very best, the tight and complimentary rhythm section and the ability to delve into the realms of the experimental, make ‘Lost in Hyrule’ an intriguing and enjoyable listen. Clearly they wear their influences on their sleeves – yet somehow still manage to sound completely fresh. ‘Please, Choose the Path of Least Violence’ is the standout track – fast and punky, with a menacing, constant rhythm, and somewhat threatening sounding guitar work. I’m slightly bored of hearing screamo and post-hardcore bands who, to be honest, all sound exactly the same. I need something different to be impressed. Thankfully, Sinatra try do tdo something different. They’re a band with the courage – and technical ability- to break the norm, and whilst separate parts of this E.P are entirely familiar – the 90s emo sound, the screaming, the half talking sections which are in vogue for many hardcore bands – packaged together it feels completely fresh. Sinatra are far too good, and far too intelligent be far bigger than they are. So help them out, buy ‘Lost in Hyrule’. Link here. (LINK! Get it?)

Sinatra have also, more recently, released a Split E.P. with I Kill Giants. It’s certainly a lot more experimental, more effects-laden, and incredibly moody. It’s also very much worth checking out. On this evidence Sinatra can only get better and better.


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