Code Orange Kids – Cycles

I picked up the first pressing of this seven inch (on Mayfly Records) recently and wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I knew that they were a hardcore band, but that was about it. So when I first listened I was happily surprised. It’s hardcore, but not as you know it, It’s hardcore the Code Orange Kids way.

The angry, dirty and visceral parts on this release remind me of Converge, quite a bit, but then Code Orange Kids throw in quiet, atmospheric moments, it’s a good combination. It’s like if Converge did an “Anthology of Dead Ends” style EP, imagine how good that would be, then listen to Code Orange Kids and sit in awe, they have done that, really well. There is however not much of the quieter side of things here, it’s mostly angry, punishing hardcore, the way I like it!

This has unsurprisingly garnered interest from some of hardcore/punk’s biggest labels. Deathwish have signed them and they have a record coming out later in the year on said label as well as a split with Full Of Hell on Topshelf records, this attention is rightly deserved and it’s no surprise Deathwish have picked them up so soon.

All this would be excellent on its own, but this isn’t the most surprising part of Code Orange Kids, the fact that this bands average age is 18 is! For such a young band to be creating music this good is quite scary, I look back to when I was 18 and wonder what I was doing wrong? The future for this lot could be very bright indeed, if they keep doing things their own way and don’t compromise to the “scene” then a big future lies in wait for this bunch.

This release is just 5 songs and 10 minutes long but gives you an excellent idea of what Code Orange Kids are about and definitely leaves you wanting more, here’s hoping the full length lives up to and improves on this fantastic release, if it does, we’re all in for something very special indeed.

If you like your hardcore abrasive, angry, aggressive and a little bit different, Code Orange Kids are for you, essential listening!




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