Ravachol – The Revolution of Every Day Life

I’m going to level with you, I absolutely love Ravachol and pretty much own everything they’ve done (on every format), so this may be slightly biased, but that’s why we started this, so here goes.

Ravachol get their name from an infamous French anarchist, and for all you fact fans out there his real name wasn’t Ravachol, it was François Claudius Koenigstein (his mothers surname was Ravachol). He was famous for 3 dynamite attacks against the judiciary, the band Ravachol continue this explosive anarchy in the way they create their music.

The music is passionate, the lyrics are political and almost a call to arms, it’s fast, it’s punky, it’s screamy, it’s punchy, at times it’s chaotic, at times it’s twinkly, and on this new EP, “The Revolution of Every Day Life” Ravachol don’t disappoint.

Ravachol haven’t been a band for long but already have an impressive back catalogue. A debut EP, “Great Moments In The Void” that was released on CD (several times), tape and recently on 7”, I own all these, because it seems, I have more money than sense, but it’s not that, it’s because Ravachol are so fucking good! They soon backed the debut up with the wonderful split 7” with my other favourites We Came Out Like Tigers (see our article on WCOLT here: WCOLT feature ). Both of these releases are unbelievable and I would urge anyone who likes screamo in any way to check them out. The fact that this is Ravachol’s 3rd fantastic release in such a short time is an impressive feat.

They don’t really change the formula from the previous 2 releases on this EP, but if it works so well then why would you bother? It reminds me of old 90’s screamo/emo, proper music, coming from a good and honest place.

Stand out song here is the closer, “A Brief Allegory on Wasted Time”. This is the longest song on the EP, at over 3 minutes and it has a lovely flow and feel to it and the end is chaotic and finishes off the EP nicely.

This is a short EP, 4 songs clocking in at just under 10 minutes. It gives it a real urgency and pace that fits just right. It gives you a taste of what Ravachol are about and will most certainly leave you wanting more.

In summary, this little EP adds to the growing reputation and catalogue that Ravachol are building themselves, 4 more excellent songs from an exciting, young UK band.

In a time and place where everything seems to be fucked, corrupt or bankrupt, Ravachol are a little slither of hope, a middle finger to everything and everyone. The anarchy lives on.


Listen: http://ravachol.bandcamp.com/

Buy: http://ravachol.bigcartel.com/

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