Ruined Families – S/T 7″

Considering the state of the Greek economy at the minute, I’d expect there’s a few angry people around, Ruined Families are from Greece, and they certainly aren’t happy.

This is an angry, ferocious blast of a 4 song EP. It’s sound is hard to pin down, they don’t really sound like anything I’ve heard in Hardcore at the minute. It’s almost like it’s muffled somehow, an incredibly pissed off, anguished and discordant sound that in these 4 songs, sounds incredible.

I have to admit, it took a few listens to properly get into, or understand this record, but that makes it all the more pleasurable when it finally “clicks” with your brain. It’s certainly not an easy listen but not much in hardcore is, and this is probably more chaotic than most, it does however throw in a few typical hardcore breakdowns and riffs. I don’t really have a favourite track out of the 4 either, all are equally as good as each other which is a testament to what Ruined Families do, create honest, impassioned, angry hardcore.

Ruined Families describe themselves as “Post-postpunk”. Yeah, me either. It’s too easy to say they sound like Cursed, but they sound like Cursed with a little bit less of a metal influence (that, after saying they sound like nobody).  This is no bad thing. It works well and if this EP is anything to go by, Ruined Families are going to be successful in hardcore circles, they have a unique enough sound to be different, but at the same time are familiar sounding enough to not scare anybody off.

The packaging on this release is absolutely incredible. The record is housed in a thick 3 panel fold out cover on light grey card with a red card strip holding it all together. The record itself is housed in a black discobag and comes in 2 colours, a reddy clear or black, the artwork is fantastic and overall this is a mightily impressive physical article with amazing artwork, fuck your MP3’s!

Overall, from the presentation to the music, this is a wonderful little EP that will seep its way into your subconscious and you’ll struggle to get rid of it!

This might just be the sound of a family being ruined, right in front of your ears!

It is now available in the UK via the wonderful Dog Knights Productions (pick something else up from the distro as well yeah? He stocks amazing stuff!)





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