Cloud Nothings – Attack On Memory

I took a chance on Cloud Nothings, I hadn’t heard anything from them before but decided to buy the album blind (or deaf), this is probably a very old school way of going about things In this digital era, but I like the surprise and excitement of a record landing on your door step and not having a clue what it’s going to sound like! And with this album, boy, am I glad I picked it up!

To be crude about it, “Cloud Nothings” sound like an indier version of the fantastic “Japandroids”. The difference is these like to stray into post rock and punk, and sometimes almost hardcore like sections. There is an indie background being underpinned with an underlying punk anger here, and the results are quite remarkable.

“No future/No Past” is the opener, and you probably won’t find a better opening to an album all year, my fears of buying this album blind were soon put to bed when I heard the first 2 minutes of this track, there was no way I was going to hate this. It starts with a single piano and other instruments soon come in, then the drawn out vocals, and then, close to the end of the song, it hits! It’s an awesome song and you’ll be shouting “NO FUTURE, NO PAST” at whoever will listen!

Second song “Wasted Days” is a long sprawling affair, 9 minutes of garage punk that ebbs and flows to a massive ending. It begins with a quick, lung busting 3 minutes before sprawling out into the post rocky section that builds and builds before it completely explodes into a beautiful cacophony with the lyric “I thought I would be more than this”, this song is fantastic, but not my favourite on the album, this award goes to “Stay Useless”. This is a much shorter burst of a song but it’s the evocative way front man Dylan Baldi says “useless” that completely wins me over on this track, I often find it’s little things like this in songs that make me absolutely love them, this is the case here.

It’s very easy to find yourself singing along to this, Cloud Nothings have done something very special, they’ve managed to create a an album that is easy to sing along to, but is also angry and pleasant at the same time, it’s an utterly enthralling listen from start to finish and is going to appear in many end of year lists (including mine).

In a way this album is like the sound of youth not really giving a shit anymore, it’s relevant in today’s society and feels familiar, friendly, there’s something to connect with, whoever you are and whatever you usually listen to.

Take a chance on this and you won’t be disappointed, it’s quite simply a superb piece of work that I’ve had on repeat since I got it, if you listen to one album this week, this month, even this year, make sure it’s this!

It’s available to buy now on Wichita Records in the UK and Carpark Records in the States.


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