As We Sink! – Ventures

So, this is the first I’ve heard of As We Sink. They hail from Plymouth and play a very punky version of rock. I’m not usually a massive fan of this style of music, bar the excellent Basement, et al but this is a solid EP from a band with obvious talent.

The first time I listened to this it reminded me of a less croaky voiced Hot Water Music, which is never a bad thing, “Most Important Days” Especially reminds me of HWM. I can see anybody getting caught up in this and singing along without noticing, it’s quite a nice and easy listen and is over before you know it. That maybe has something to do with the EP only being 4 songs and just over 10 minutes, but it’s 10 minutes of fun punk that is enjoyable.

It’s not going to offend anyone and it’s quite a catchy little EP but for me there is something missing, an edge? Some aggression? That is totally my taste in music and not a reflection on this EP at all and if you’re into similar stuff to this, then you’re going to love it. It’s not that complicated, it’s straight up pop/punk/rock that I can see gaining a lot of attention and new fans from this EP.

“Aching hands, Itchy Feet” is the highlight of the 4 songs for me as it has more of an urgency than the other 3 songs, it drives a along at a faster almost melodic pace and stands out because of this.

Overall what we have here is a band finding their feet, with a split with “Donnie Brasco” already under their belts this EP further increases “As We Sink!”’s pop punk reputation, if you like fun punk, then you definitely should give this a listen!

It is released on April 13th by the excellent Mosthache Records on translucent purple vinyl (250).

They are also on tour In April with Gnarwolves, so if they play near you, get along!




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