This is the first review from Ian Keane, a new contributor to sparksandnerves.

Horsehands are a 3 piece experimental Rock band from Boston Massachusetts. Sometimes they sound somewhat like a drunk Don Caballero playing Pavement songs, other times they play Mclusky-esque  Noise Rock, and then occasionally they resemble the Mathier end of Post-Hardcore. Really though, they sound like all these things at once.

Your life will be better for having Horsehands in it.

There is an underlying element of surprise in Horsehands music. Impressively limber finger tapped guitar lines cut through layers of noise and cymbal heavy rhythyms, and huge choruses emerge from cacophonies of feedback. There’s actually a few segments in ‘Snipers On The Stack’ where they sound like some sort of Math Rock / Country hybrid, and musically, ‘Yeti’ could have been lifted straight from ‘American Don’ (and there is no higher accolade for a Math Rock song than that, not for me at least) and yet add the whopping great chorus and enough vocal hooks to drown in and you have something resembling a pop song. A pop song that with any justice will be a future underground classic. It’s these musical juxtapositions that make Horsehands so compelling. They pack plenty of hooks into what they do but they are also never far away from a time change or tempo shift. This is genuinely exciting and unpredictable music which is nigh on impossible to pin down.

It’s music to tie yourself in knots to. Intricate but fun, joyous yet downbeat, tight but loose. You’ll want to dance to it but you’d fall over if you tried.

There’s never a dull moment with Horsehands.

Horsehands have released 2 mini albums ‘Ghost Knots’ and ‘Amble’ and I’m led to believe that a third is in the works. Keep an eye for it, I guarantee it will be worth it.

You can listen to them here:


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