Top 10… Bands You Should Love

Welcome to our brand new feature. Everybody loves to read lists, so we thought we’d create some for you. This edition is a rather straightforward ‘Bands you should probably love’ feature, but keep checking back as they get more awesome and controversial (just wait until the Top 10 Beards list!). 


Las Vegas based Caravels play hardcore punk slightly different to the norm. There are enough ideas in their ‘Floorboards’ EP to keep three or four bands going for a while. They swap between post-rock-a-like interludes and fierce hardcore complete with urgent, assured vocals and musicianship of the highest standard. Caravels sound like a band at the start of huge upward curve; I can’t wait to see what else they’ve got.



Kerouac are a nice slab of screamy hardcore, really, really good screamy hardcore. You need to check these out. They don’t really sound like anybody else which is why they sound fresh. Lyrics are awesome as well. They are from London/The South Coast and are definitely worth checking out, sooner, rather than later.



This is the first time this blog has touched on hip-hop, but I’m sure it won’t be the last. Hip-hop is such a difficult genre, the vast majority of it is, for want of a better term, utter bollocks. Doomtree though are different. They’re a collection of musicians – MC’s, DJ’s, singers and producers – who create real hip-hop. It’s intelligent and aware, occasionally experimental, often brilliant and alluring. There is no superstar in the group, that’s intentional, everyone from rapper P.O.S to the producer and soundsmith Lazerbeak are perceptible within the work. This is what happens when a group of genuine and intelligent musicians get together to create meaningful music.



Ravachol are a bit special. They have only released one EP and a split with We Came Out Like Tigers but they are both stunning! So stunning that I own the EP on tape, CD and 7”. Their sound is very much based around screamo, good screamo, I fucking love these, get on it people!



The recent renaissance of folk music can be directly attributed to one band – Bon Iver. The problem though when a genre has a bit of a renaissance is that all sorts of shit starts to come out of the woodwork. The Black Atlantic are not shit. The Netherlands based band do share certain similarities with the aforementioned megastars of folk; firstly the haunting and evocative vocals and secondly the ability to mix things up, to experiment somewhat and try some different sounds. ‘Darkling, I Listen’ from the EP of the same name, is a beautiful track, demonstrating everything The Black Atlantic are about.



Nai Harvest are from Sheffield and play “noodly emo punk”. Perfect description really, it’s a good sound as well, have one listen and you’ll definitely go back and listen again, they stick in your head in the best possible way, because they are fantastic!



This band do not allow themselves to be categorised as easy as others. Don’t get me wrong they’re definitely a screamo band, that cannot be denied, but in all of the releases I’ve heard they tend to flitter between more conventional screamo (2 minute tracks, relentless bursts of fury) and what my writing colleague recently referred to as ‘progmo’. More often than not though, Lizards play a furious brand of screamo-infused post-rock – it’s angry, shouty and epic. What’s to hate?



I saw Veils recently and they were pretty much perfect. They play hardcore/screamo (spotting a theme yet?) and have an EP out on Tangled Talk and an earlier demo. These lot are passionate and emotional, if they play near you, don’t miss them.



I know, you probably know who this band are, you’ve probably heard a few songs, but are they one of your favourite bands? They’re pretty much mine. There’s something about Scottish accents that makes music that little bit more appealing and The Twilight Sad certainly do not disappoint on that front, James Graham’s vocals are unconventional but beautiful. There’s more to them than that though, add the layers and layers of distorted guitars, add the unconventional song structures, relentless, almost military like drumming, the screeching feedback and walls of noise and their newfound experimentation with synth rock. The Twilight Sad are one of the most compelling and utterly brilliant bands around right now.



Oh Maths. I could write an essay on Maths, so this is really hard. Maths are massively emotive and insanely passionate, and this oozes from the music, if you listen to this and don’t feel a tiny little bit of something, then don’t talk to me ever. They’re my favourite band of the last 10 years and definitely should be yours too. If you only listen to one of the bands from this list, make sure it’s Maths.



4 responses to “Top 10… Bands You Should Love

  1. On your Twilight Sad piece you forgot to mention your live experience of the band, or is that a touchy subject?………ooh I feel bad now..

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