Gnarwolves – Fun Club

If a fun club existed, I can only wish it would be as fun as this EP sounds!

Gnarwolves first release is “Fun Club”, limited to 80 copies on green (50), white (15) and black (15) tapes from the ever excellent Brain Ache Records. They hail from Brighton and have links with previously reviewed Kasa, which is how I came across them.

Their sound places them in a strange pop punky/hardcore mould. They have been called “Gruff pop punk”, that’s fairly accurate, but I just wish all “pop punk” sounded like this, it’s pop punk with an edge. They remind me slightly of Basement and the like.

The hardcore comes from the pummelling guitars and drums,  but having said that it doesn’t have its feet firmly in the hardcore camp, this is very catchy stuff, hard to forget little pieces of lovely punky goodness.

For a first release this sounds remarkably accomplished. Nice solid production adds to this and makes “Gnarwolves” sound like they’ve been doing this for years. If this is what they sound like now, imagine the possibilities! It will be hard to top this on their next release but I’m sure they’re more than capable.

It’s a short EP, 5 songs in just under 10 minutes but it somehow feels longer, it’s probably as the songs weave into each other nicely  and combine to produce an excellent, well fitting, 5 songs.

As a debut release this is mightily impressive, take 10 minutes of your time to listen to this and you won’t regret it!

Let’s hope the wolves stay gnarly!






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