Kasa – Discography

As this is my first review, I thought I’d start with something I’ve been listening to a lot recently. That would be Kasa – Discography, this is a discography of the 3 releases they have recorded previously. This was self released by the band and came out in Feb/March 2011.

I first heard about this lot through various other bands such as Kerouac, Pariso, Let’s Talk Daggers and that whole South East Punk/Hardcore explosion that seems to be happening at the moment.

Kasa hail from Penzance/Brighton, and are 4 dudes (Luke, Thom, Max, Porter) who are passionate and like to rip shit up. This is a good thing as the passion certainly comes across in the music, especially on the final song on this early discography “The Hate You Garner”, right down to literally the last breath and scream, you can tell this means something to them, you’ll be shouting “WE ARE FIGHTING OURSELVES” in your head for hours after, and this sentiment holds true now more than ever.

It would be easy to compare Kasa to many other bands, but I’m not going to. They have a sound of their own but also one that’s just familiar enough to remind you of someone else, its screamo/hardcore being done a little bit differently, a few small sections of gang vocals, pained shouts and screams and spoken word poetry like sections. This all fits together in a fantastic way and even though it’s a set of songs from different releases it seems to all fit together very nicely.

The poem sections in this release are interesting as well. So far in each release there has been a poem, one from each individual member, for example on the first release on “No Silence” there is one right at the beginning, then on the second release “Take Arms” is a rousing 33 second poem song and finally the last release “Calm i, ii, iii” there is a poem at the end of iii. And guess what’s going to be in their 4th release? You guessed it.

I like this poem idea and it fits in well with the rest of the songs, don’t let this talk of poems take away from the music though, that’s where this release really shines.

If you like your music fresh, fast, energetic and impassioned then you need to listen to these guys sooner rather than later, you won’t regret it.

I personally can’t wait for their next release, and here’s hoping it won’t be too long in the making.


You can keep up to date with the band over here: http://kasaband.tumblr.com/page/1

And you definitely should buy their shit from here: http://kasa.bigcartel.com/

(sadly, Kasa have now split up, but check out Gnarwolves who have a couple of Kasa members in here: http://gnarwolves.bandcamp.com/ )



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